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Ayurvedic Massages That Are Sure To Help You Relax, Rejuvenate And Come Alive

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

Learn About These 10 Ayurvedic Massages That Are Sure To Help You Relax, Rejuvenate And Come Alive


Ayurveda is the traditional Hindu system of medicine, incorporated in Atharva Veda, the last of the four Vedas, by Brahma, the Creator of the Universe, as per Hindu mythology. It means the knowledge of life for holistic healing. It is thousands of years old, but plays a vital role in wellness in today’s world. Ayurvedic massages are an integral part of the world of Ayurveda with positive effects like relaxation, de-stress, curative, and rejuvenation. This Indian style of massage finds its roots in Kerala and is based on the combinations of Kalarimarma (kind of acupuncture), Sidhamarma (massage) and Ayurveda.


Ayurvedic Massage

In recent times, one can see Ayurvedic massage centres have found their way out of Kerala, and are mushrooming in cities all over India. While there are innumerable massages and therapies available, here is a guide to some of the most famous massages and treatments along with the health benefits that they render.


Health Rejuvenation Treatment


The rejuvenation Ayurvedic massages are just that; they rejuvenate you, make you feel better and vital. Here is a list of massages that can leave you feeling healthy and cheerful.


1. Abhyangam


This is a full body massage where two therapists give you a synchronized massage for 45 minutes with medicated oil. This therapy treats the whole body physically, emotionally, and mentally. A specific number of strokes are given in a rhythmic motion to 107 vital points in the body, which increases the blood circulation and encourages quick disposal of metabolic wastes. The massage is followed by an entire body steam bath for 15 minutes. The health benefits of this massage include: improves physical consistency and texture of the skin, enables sound sleep, gives relief from anxiety, fatigue, wrinkles and scales, and increases the general sense of well being.


2. Shirodhara


In this therapy, lukewarm medicated oil or medicated buttermilk known as Takradhara is poured in a steady stream for a specific period of time on the forehead followed by a gentle head massage. Shirodhara rejuvenates and revitalizes the body and mind. It slows the ageing process, relieves stress and strain, improves memory, and is known to have a curative effect on insomnia, depression, and hyper-tension.


3. Vashpaswedanam (herbal-medicated steam bath)


Steam is created with special herbs boiled in water inside a special cabinet for this therapy. The therapy helps in opening the pores in the skin allowing it to breathe and thus purifying the body, and helps in getting rid of various toxins in the body through sweat. This therapy has the added benefit of removing extra body fat.


4. Shiroabhyanga


This therapy is a head massage concentrating on the energy points known as the “marmas” on the head, neck, arms, and shoulders. The senses are stimulated through rhythmic movements and pressure on the marmas. Shiroabhyanga bestows better vision, better hearing, clears the nasal passage, and relieves stress.


5. Mukhyabhyanga


This Ayurvedic facial uses aromatic oils and herbs to help increase energy flow. The facial is unique because the masseur concentrates on the marmas (energy points). This therapy helps in uplifting the skin on the face. It removes the fine lines and sagging features caused by ageing and tiredness.


6. Nethra Tharpanam


In this therapy, the eyes are treated with medicated ghee stored in a reservoir made of black gram paste. Nethra Tharpanam is beneficial in giving relief to irritated and stressed eyes. Perfect for working professionals who spend hours staring into computer screens. The cooling effect of this therapy relieves eye strain, improves eyesight, and gives relief from other eye related problems.


7. Pizhichil


This therapy can be described as the king of all massages. It is a combination of Snehana (oil massage) and Swedana (inducing sweat with the use of hot stones, herb or sand boluses.) ’Pizhichil’ means squeezing and involves warm medicated oil (4 to 5 litres) being squeezed over the body from a piece of cloth that is periodically dipped in a vessel. The whole body is subject to lukewarm medicated oil with simultaneous soft massage. Another method in this therapy is the Sarvangadhara, where medicated oil is poured all over the body from pitchers before a massage. This therapy protects the body from illnesses and builds up immunity. It is perfect for rheumatic diseases, arthritis, sexual weakness, blood pressure, arrests degeneration of body cells, and helps in arresting the ageing process.


8. Njavara Kizhi


In this therapy, a massage is given with small cotton boluses filled with Njavara rice, after the application of the medicated oil. The rice is cooked in cow’s milk and a herbal decoction. The boluses are repeatedly dipped in the milk and the decoction while the massage is in progress. This induces sweat. Njavara Kizhi enhances physical consistency, strengthens the nervous system, and improves the overall appearance of the skin.


9. Udwarthanam


This is a deep and dry massage with herbal powders. This massage stimulates hair follicles and subcutaneous fat tissues eventually breaking them down. This therapy reduces blood cholesterol levels, obesity, skin problems, strengthens muscles, and imparts mobility. It is extremely refreshing. A perfect choice if you are on the look out to slim down.


10. Panchakarma


This is basically an Ayurvedic detox which involves 5-steps of internal cleansing which is carried on over a period of 14-21 days. The steps include:


Vamana: After Snehana (oleation) and Swedana (sudation), therapeutic vomiting is induced to cleanse the system.


Virechana: This step includes administering purgative medicine in milk or warm water after a session of massage.


Sneha Vasty: Enema is given to remove the body of toxins after a session of massage.


Kashaya Vasty: An herbal decoction is administered.


Panchakarma: This helps in relieving problems like asthma, dermatitis, heartburn, jaundice, gout, neurological ailments, flatulence, and paralysis.


So the next time you are in the mood to pamper yourself, go the natural way, head to an Ayurvedic Massage parlour and indulge. So here is to wishing you good health, now and always.

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Ayurvedic Treatment Cancer – Ayurveda Cancer Treatment

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

Escape and Cope with Cancer via Ayurvedic Treatments

The science of Ayurveda suggest that all diseases in one’s body are due to imbalances and presence of toxins and every disease can be cured in the imbalances are dealt with care. What Ayurvedic medicine does is to reinforce this balance and cause harmony in all the elements present in the body. Not only does Ayurvedic medicine help to eliminate the biological and physical causes but also strengthen one’s mind and spirit. All the remedies and treatments Ayurveda suggests are completely natural and do not present any side effects. They mainly focus on detoxifying the body, changes in ones diet and lifestyle, inclusion of herbs, meditation and exercise and massages that help remove toxins.

Ayurvedic Treatments
Ayurveda has been helpful in decreasing the chances of cancerous growth in one’s body and though there isn’t a treatment available for this disease, Ayurvedic medicine can help decrease its symptoms. This is better than going for chemotherapy and other toxic methods since chemotherapy increase toxicity in the body. However, one can combine chemotherapy with cancer Ayurvedic treatment to cause better results and decrease toxins together, so one can opt for cancer treatment with Ayurveda through massage therapies, meditation, and exercise, change of diet, yoga and inclusion of natural herbs in your daily life. So go for cancer Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala and cope up with cancer in a better way. Furthermore if you adopt these methods from a younger age, the occurrence of such a disease diminishes greatly. So if you want to reduce the risk of cancerous growths why not adopt an Ayurvedic approach?

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Ayurvedic Treatment for Piles – Piles Treatment

Wednesday, January 1st, 2014

Piles otherwise known as hemorrhoids are swellings that develop either internally or externally, near the anus area. The leading cause of piles is a poor diet that doesn’t include any vegetables. Eating proteins for a long period of time with no fiber intake can lead to the development of piles in the latter period of life. Other known causes of piles are absence of exercise for one’s life and sitting for prolonged periods especially on hard seats. A few of the problems piles causes’ painful excretion of stool, irritation, bleeding from the anus, soreness and discomfort.


Ayurvedic Treatment for PilesThe medicine of Ayurveda presents several remedies that can be opted for the cure of piles without causing any side effects. The major benefit of opting for Ayurvedic treatment for piles instead of going for a medicinal treatment is the fact that Ayurvedic remedies for piles are natural and do not pose any threats. Some of the ways in which one can use Piles Ayurvedic treatment is through the use of herbs and ointments such as Triphalachurna, Abhayarista, Arsha Harivati, Kassisadi Tailam, Kankayan Vati, Arshony ointment and Pileen tablets. Most of the herbs that have been mentioned can be mixed with warm water and taken on a daily basis while ointments can be used externally to soothe the irritation, soreness and bleeding. Furthermore, if you do not want to take these herbs then drugs and tablets that have these drugs can also be taken to provide relief over time. One can also make a tub full on warm water, mix in the herbs and lay down in it for thirty minutes to provide your anus with relief.

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Ayurveda Treatment for Back Pain – Ayurvedic Medicine for Back Pain

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Ayurveda Treatments for Back Pain- Important Details You Need To Know


Ayurveda Treatment for Back PainOne of the most common pain and disorders that people encountered in practice is back pain. 70% of the populations are suffering from back pain at some point in their lives. Among women, the highest rate of back pain actually occurs, most especially if they are in ages 45 to 64 years old. If you have been experiencing back pain and you think pain relievers aren’t really getting more effective, it would be ideal for you to consider the Ayurveda treatment for back pain.


When it comes to treating the back pain, both external and internal treatments should be undertaken. The herbal preparations are being administered internally, which is known as the Asthakvargam. Those of the herbal medicines, such as Guggulu, Yogaraja, Triphala guggulu, Lakshadi guggulu, Dashmul or even the Dashmularishtam, Brahmi, Ashwagandha and the topical applications of the Mahanarayana Tailam, which are used in this kind of condition. The daily purgation is somehow recommended to restore those impared “dosha” the normal state.


The Ayurveda treatments for back pain includes the abhyanga or the oil massage and the basti, also known as meditated enema, not to mention that they are effective in relieving the backache and correcting every abnormalities in the body. Anyhow, the Kati Basti is a special kind of technique, which is aimed at providing greater relief to the back, using those medicated, warm oils or the herbal decoctions when bathing the back. For about 20 up to 50 straight minutes.


However, before considering an Ayurveda treatment for back pain, knowing the first step of the treatment in such pain is by relaxing your mind and focusing on those areas of your back that are highly painful. It is always advisable for you to start with the simple back-bends like sunbird, cat and locust, which are based from Yoga. In order to keep your spine aligned, practicing the Hero Pose would be highly beneficial.

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Ayurvedic Skin Care – Ayurveda for Natural Skin Care

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

Ayurvedic Skin CareGet Clearer, Fresher and Beautiful Skin with Ayurvedic Skin Care
Most people do not know that your skin is the largest organ in your body and it is there to provide you with the most important features. Your skin helps keep your body temperatures regulated and helps in insulation, it also acts as a protective layer against germs and bacteria that is present all around us. The skin also helps to keep moisture intact in the body, keeping it hydrated and balances the entire system of your body. Hence, taking care of the skin is highly important as skin problems can cause numerous other problems as well.

The medicine of Ayurveda provides numerous ways in which one can make sure their skin is healthy. Instead of taking medicines, putting on ointments with chemicals and going for bleaching facials, adopt natural ways in which your skin can stay healthy over a longer period of time. Ayurvedic skin care asks you to eat a lot of vegetables that is easier for digestions such as cucumber, carrot, radish and lettuce. Furthermore herbal teas such as green teas can also help remove toxins and make your skin look fresh from within. Also meditation is the key to looking and feeling healthy. Exercising, doing yoga or just meditating and giving your mind some peace can present great effects. Furthermore, there are numerous Ayurvedic beauty products and Ayurvedic fairness cream that consist of natural herbs that are best for your skin. These products are also used in Ayurvedic skin care treatment that professional spas offer. So if you want to go for a professional touch, visit a spa and come out with fresher looking skin with natural methods.

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Ayurvedic Hair Treatment – Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Loss

Friday, October 11th, 2013

Get Healthier Hair with Ayurvedic Hair Loss Treatment

Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Loss
The Ayurvedic products and treatments present in the market aren’t only available for the body and the mind, but there are products that will help your hair become thick and healthy. If you are facing hair loss, hair weakening or hair thinning problems and have tried all the generic medicines out there, and are still in vain, then it’s time to try out Ayurvedic hair care. As you know that Ayurvedic treatments are solely dependent on providing the people with natural remedies that will present no side effects. So what does Ayurvedic hair treatment involves? It involves the usage of natural herbs and oils that you massage your scalp with overtime and regular use will help strengthen your hair.


Some of the natural herbs that are used in Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss include Neem, Henna, Shikakai, Amla and Indigo. Apart from these herbs, oils such as lavender, basil, patchouli, rosemary, peppermint, eucalyptus, lemon and sandalwood are also used to hair massages. You can conduct hair massages and use the natural herbs at home as well; however more obvious results may come about if you get in touch with a professional Ayurvedic clinic or spa which provides such facilities. Though it has been said that Ayurvedic hair treatment is better for black Asian hair, however, such treatments have also caused healthier hair in lighter colored hair as well. You can also combine hair therapy with herbal diet which asks you to intake a healthy diet which can again help your hair get more nutrition and become healthy.

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Ayurveda for Diabetic Treatment – Ayurvedic Treatment for Diabetes

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Let Ayurveda be the Cure for Your Diabetes

Ayurvedic Treatment for DiabetesThough diabetes is a disease that cannot be cured, however one can try to reduce the chances of the development of diabetes if it a disease known to run in the family. Ayurveda is a science that provides you with ways in which you can prevent remedies with the use of natural herbs. The best reason for adopting Ayurvedic treatments is the fact that all the medicines and remedies that are provided are natural so that chances of any dangerous side effects presenting are zero. Ayurveda for diabetes suggests that various herbs can provide numerous benefits to the body that can lead to diabetic cure. Some of herbs given in treatment for diabetes includes intake of bitter gourd, Gurmar leaves, Bael, turmeric, Fenugreek, Neem, garlic, Sagar gota, onion and Nayantatra.

These herbs have separate qualities that help benefit the body; for example, bitter ground when mixed with water will help to reduce the sugar levels in your body. One tablespoon a day is enough to provide you with benefits. Water soaked with Neem leaves, Belpatras and Tulsi leaves will provide you with multiple benefits. Thought the taste of the water might be bitter, however the benefits it provides are uncountable. Furthermore Diabetes Ayurveda involves massages known as “Panchakarma” that remove the antibodies that cause damage to pancreatic tissue, allowing cure of diabetes. It also asks for inclusion of yoga that involves specific postures and exercises that can provide benefits. Ayurvedic treatments allow natural ways, which have to be incorporated in your lifetime, if you wish to reap the benefits.

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Ayurveda Weight Loss – Lose Weight through Ayurveda

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

Adopt Healthy Ways to Lose Weight

Ayurveda Weight LossBeing overweight has become a massive problem these days as obesity is said to be the number one cause of heart diseases, diabetes and other problems that are dangerous to one’s health. It is true that the best way to stay healthy is to maintain the optimum weight by staying healthy. Some people are very slim yet they aren’t still healthy, since using unhealthy means to lose weight can weaken your immune system and make you more prone to viruses and bacteria as your body doesn’t have the required nutrients, mineral and vitamins to fight them off.

Nowadays people are moving towards adopting Ayurveda weight loss methods to lose weight in a healthy way. Ayurveda is a natural science of healthy living that is over five thousand years old. It is a complete way of living that allows one to maintain a healthy lifestyle and staying healthy over a longer period of time. Ayurveda diet weight loss insists that you avoid processed foods and frozen foods and eat foods that are harvests of the season. This includes in season vegetables and fruits that will provide you with the best natural nutrition. You should also include nuts and grains in your diet as they provide you with the necessary protein to stay healthy. Furthermore Ayurveda weight loss tips include vegetables that allow you to detoxify your body and remove all the fatty consumptions and toxins present in your body. During summers, green leafy vegetable and fruits help you to soothe your body while during winter’s soups and stews will allow you to stay warm and fight off cold.

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Kerala Ayurvedic Tours – Plan a Trip to Kerala

Sunday, July 14th, 2013

Plan a Trip to Kerala via Ayurvedic Tours

Kerala Ayurvedic ToursIf you are tired of your unhealthy regime and want a change in lifestyle, then the best natural way of life to adopt if Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a science that present natural remedies and solutions for the problems of life and presents one with a comprehensive yet complete code of life. It is the way through which one can experience purification of one’s soul and body, removal of toxins and disease causing factors and moving towards a stress free and happier way of life. Ayurveda doesn’t provide one particular method to follow. It provides one with numerous options to avail such as herbal therapies, massages, Ayurveda diet plans, yoga exercises and therapy of the mind. Ayurveda is a science that works on your mind, body and soul to present a better lifestyle.

If you wish to know more and de-stress your mind, then you can look into Ayurvedic tours and Ayurveda tour packages that many in Kerala offer. These packages provide a few days trip that is packed with treatments and remedies that you have to undergo. Overall the main notion of these packages is to calm you and make you feel rejuvenated by the end of the tour. Kerala Ayurvedic tours not only take you to the various Ayurvedic clinics and spas where you will be provided with the best treatments, they also make sure that you can indulge in the beauty that Kerala has to offer to its people. So plan a trip to Kerala through Kerala Ayurvedic tours and achieve mental and physical peace in your vacation.

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