About Kerala

If you are thinking about planning a trip to some exotic place where you won’t be robbed of your entire bank account, then you should think about visiting Kerala. Situated to the South Western side of India near the Malabar Coast, Kerala is a top international tourist attraction. With sandy beaches, backwaters, luscious greenery, hill stations, wild sanctuaries, national parks, tropical climate and the most amazing hotels and Ayurvedic spas, Kerala helps you relax and indulge in the most relaxing environment that you can imagine and take a break from your everyday stresses that you have to deal with.


A few of the most famous tourist attractions in Kerala are the ones that nature provides the people with. If you are thinking about visiting the state of Kerala then you should definitely make your way to the Wayand, which is a mountainous terrain that is located in the Western Ghats of Kerala. With hypnotic scenery, cool breezes and natural wonders, Wayand is the perfect place to take in what God has created.


Another famous tourist hotspot is the Peiryar Sanctuary for wild life. It also hosts an artificial lake that was built in 1895 AD. Periyar is situated over 777 square kilometers of land and provides encounter with the most exotic wild life. Kerala also has waterfalls which are located near the Chalakudy River. These waterfalls go as high as eight feet and provide you with majestic beauty.


Furthermore if you have a thing for beaches, then Kerala has numerous beaches. One of the most famous beaches is the Kovalam beach where you can enjoy the sun, just lie down and take in all the soothing calmness this state has to offer. So indulge in the relaxation for your mind, body and soul and once you are done with enjoying the natural beauty you can make your way to the Ayurvedic spas in the area, where you can cleanse your aura and get extremely relaxing massages.